Sitting in a hotel room with my dad. waiting for my little brother to get here, because tomorrow is my sisters wedding. Been realizing a lot on this trip to California. mostly that I am gonna have to set up a base next year. an also not to be scared to try and be stable. ( I have an issue with stability). But realizing I need to go after what I want without hesitation. Also, I learned who owns TikTok. and I have to keep an eye out for when that becomes traded publicly. So that is awesome. But mainly it all comes down to… Im still scared of failing. Because this is what I want to try and do with my life. travel and be superman and do reactions and art and take pictures and drink beer and be silly and just get paid to be me. I am scared that that won’t come to past. Although ill never know if I don’t try. and I also feel I have my foot half in the doorway instead of going all in. which is why I would rather van life than commit to a place. because I know it will be hard work. and its time I realize that its work I need to put in.