I worry that I only have followers because I follow people back. And I know that for some followers of mine, that is the case. Its getting to the point that when I don’t post something superman related on twitter, ill check my follower count throughout the day to see how much it dropped. I really don’t like feeling like this at all. As far as instagram goes, I know people see my stuff but just lurk. The thing that hurts is that I know its people that follow me and that I follow back. I would like to think its because I follow a lot of creatives, and they follow me. But I use instagram to support EVERYONE I follow. I don’t scroll without at least giving a like. So when it isnt reciprocated it kinda hurts my feelings.

This is why I have to learn to start having zero expectations of how other people act. I know not everyone is like me. I know people follow me just to lurk, or just to see what I’m doing. With no intention of ever liking anything. Heck I can tell more people share and save my post than actually comment on it. So I know people see it. That is why today I am going to clean out instagram and fb of all the people I follow and that follow back. Because I am scared that they will just leave. And Im sure they will. But I would rather follow people of the same likemindedness as me, than not. Also, need to look for the actually people who aren’t creatives, and just like what im doing in general, without expecting a follow back in return. Thats the hard part, because I have to keep believing that my end game down the line will work out, and have to trust the process of the long game, and not the follow to unfollow and social media games people play. 

Learning to be sincere from here on out, if I don’t want to see someones content, I won’t follow, regardless if they follow me. I can’t keep basing my fans to a just people who are only following me cause I follow them back. And here is where im going to actually start getting tested.

The hunt for people who actually like me for me, starts now.