Art Fuel

Art Fuel

Sometimes I put myself in situations out of the ordinary because I want to harvest the experience and make art for it.

This usually stems from romantic desires.

A lot of what I make revolves around two things (well three Superman aside).

Loneliness and Romance.

I put myself in both situations constantly. Knowing that it will be hard. And also knowing that not everything will work out. But what do I get out of it?

A photo that shows how I feel when I’m feeling it.

This makes it seem like I use romance for art. But I’m an artist. Sometimes I do. And sometimes I do because thats fuel for art. Art. Fuel.

I honestly don’t think I can turn it off at this point. Everything gets turned into something I try to articulate. Photos. Videos. Poems.

But sometimes…

Sometimes it’s just for me. Or should I say, sometimes it’s just for us.

But on the flip side of that. Not everything I think or do is publicized. Well sometimes it is. You just have no idea what I’m talking about. Because I have to make you think. Make you look it up. Make you google a phrase or keyword to read between the lines. I know you won’t do that. And thats fine.

It’s like journaling to an audience. Wanting to be seen but not actually be seen. Knowing that the few people that take the time to earn what I want to share will figure it out. Either way, I’m an open book. But the ink is lemon juice. And you just gotta figure it out yourself. If you do, great. If you don’t, great. It’s my way of connecting with those that want a connection.