Today I am officially out of debt. I paid off the last of my IRS debt. (I owed 5500$) 

So it’s really freeing. 

My contract was supposed to be up in July (is what the recruiter said to me) but now it looks like they might be extending it to December. 

So it looks like I have some options. 

Option 1:

Be done in July and tell them I didn’t agree to a year and a half contract only a year. And then go live in a city/county I’ve never been. Using savings to pay month to month for a couple of months until I decide to get another contract. 

Option B. 

Still quit in July and van life it back in seattle for the month of August because I still haven’t spent a month of August there exploring. 

Option C:

Stick it out until December and save a lot more money. That way come 2020 I can basically live wherever I want for 4 or 5 months off savings until I decide to go back to work. This option will probably include going somewhere overseas like Sweden or London or Costa Rica. 

Option 4:

Finish the job in December and immediately start another contract in who knows where city and state. 

Option 5:

Quit the railroad altogether in July because I still don’t like it. And use the money saved to van life somewhere else and go back to washing dishes or something and exploring taking pictures again, till I get tired of that, and then look for another “real” job.  

Being out here is really draining on me. 

Not only is it boring, it’s boring. But I mean it did/does serve its purpose. 

In the 9months I’ve been here I’ve:

Paid off 6k in credit card debt 

Paid off 5k to the IRS 

Bought a 4K computer 

Bout a 1500$ camera

Bought a 1k drone 

Bought a 4K van 

Bought a new Superman suit for 1500$

Spent lord knows how much in camera and computer accessories. Including light kits and so on and so forth. 

Bought the Superboy suit 

Paid almost 1k in commissions to artist. 

Hit my goal weight of 200lbs 

Bought a PlayStation 

Spent about 1200$ in FB ads 

But also in the 9 months I’ve been here. 

Haven’t had sex. 

Haven’t gone out to meet anyone to try to have sex because I am putting all my money towards buying/paying off stuff. 

Only been out to eat maybe 6 times. 

I Have zero social life here.

Got frostnip.

Literally have to pull creative stuff out my ass because I couldn’t go shoot anywhere once it got cold. 

Now that it’s spring it’s windy as crap and I can’t fly my drone out anywhere around here till the weather still gets nicer. 

I have been sitting at my computer so much for 9 months I actually developed a pilonidal cyst that just recently went away. 

My only friend here is my coworker who is about 20 years older than me and might quit to go back to where he’s from. 

The new Superman suit I bought I’ve had for almost two months but can’t wear it because I can’t put the trim on myself while I wear it, and I don’t trust anyone in this town to do it, and I’m not gonna buy a manikin that “fits my body type” because I don’t have room for that. So I’m just gonna have to wait. 

I have so many ideas to make videos with a female but because I don’t go out to meet anyone, I’m seriously considering buying a female manikin and using that to let your imagination fill in the face and emotions I want to convey.