Mr. Brightside

My very first relationship ended in early 2000s. I dated her for two years. After her I met a very free spirited girl that I fell in love with. But it was casual. Not because of me, because of her. I remember one time we went out to dinner we were waiting to get sat and she randomly turns to me and says “you know I’m not your GF right?” I said “ I know”. But those words really really really hurt. A couple days later I’m up watching insomnia vh1. A music video comes on with four dudes dressed pretty cool. And one is wearing eyeliner. He starts singing about liking someone who doesn’t like you the same way. And implies that the other person is out and about while you’re not. And then he said “it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?” 

By the time the music video was over, I had got on limewire or Napster, whatever it was at the time I was using, and downloaded the song. I must have listened to it a million times that day. Because in that instance in my life, I found the perfect song that was explaining what I was going through. 

And that is why, to this day, The Killers are my favorite band.