Cloud Head tutorial

First, get some balloons and tape them together in a cloud shape, big enough to fit over your head.

use some double sided tape for just fold the tape in half. doesnt matter.

use some double sided tape for just fold the tape in half. doesnt matter.

Next, Paper mache the Balloons together.

it gets messy

it gets messy

wait for them to dry overnight

cloud tutorial 3.JPG

Use spray on glue to Apply pillow batting .

cloud head 1.JPG

once fully covered, pop some balloons in the center, so you can stick your head in it. and you’re done!

cloud Head.jpg

Timidness and Stalling

I have a ton of photos and videos I have never posted. Because I try to stall everything out to at least do something “once a day” I do this because I want to be consistent. but mainly because I know that once I run out, ill have to make more. so I stall so that I won’t have to always be creating all the time.

Like TikTok for example. I have been consistent on posting a video every day. but I have a ton of stuff I can put up. waaaay more than once a day. but if I do that, that means ill actually have to make fresh content. Which is what I got too comfortable with not doing. so, I am going to start unloading all the stuff that should already be on the Internet. be it videos or stuff for my reddit. TikTok and Pinterest.

Everything I have Going on to build my brand right now.

Social media Platforms I am using currently.


Primary platform for now. Try to post at least once a day. But if I don’t I will use it for stories. Or post to igtv. It is the main way I communicate with the people that are tuned in to what I am doing.


I have a FB Page that I use to post on occasionally. Usually different stuff than instagram. Or Ill put it on FB a day later.


I use twitter as a way to talk with people also, and to find resources for my podcast or if I need commissions. Also for sharing other peoples art on. It’s the first platform I went viral on. So I am always partial to it.


I use YouTube to post reaction videos, Beer reviews, photoshop tutorials, and vlog post.

I am tryin to find a way to use it more consistently.


This is an app thats photography related. I downloaded it about half a year ago and try to post everyday on it. The great thing about this is that I already have tons of pictures to post. So keeping up with this one isn’t that hard.


I use Pinterest to sprinkle my cosplay and photography onto the boards that I make. Pinterest is one of the number one ways google search pulls images from. So whenever I upload to Pinterest, I make sure the file name is accurate and I have my website attached to each picture. Because of this, my website analytics shows a lot of traffic coming from this platform.


This is what I use to put my podcast on. Really convenient.


Made a reddit a couple months ago just so I can try to get a subreddit of my own stuff going. I was able to make one in about a month. Just from looking up different subreddits and posting to those accordingly with all the interest I have.

My own website

Trying to consistently keep my website up to date with blogs or updating the pictures. Just so the SEO is always going. And shows that the site is active.


An app for writing, this is where I post all my essays or just random poems or musings.


Just downloaded the app again to start posting on. I think this is kinda dying tho. So this one might not be lasting that long.


I use this as a way to upolad photos with specific file names. Just so when people search certain topics, I try to have my name come up.


This platform is apparently getting a ton of traction. Im still figuring it out. While trying to post daily.


Yes, I still use snapchat. But now it is more of a BTS look at stuff. You’ll see stuff here you won’t see anywhere else.


I want to stream every time I play. And use it as an Ask me anything session. So I need to figure out how to get people aware of who I am on twitch as a creative. So when I stream and if they have questions, they can tune in and ask me.


Using this as a way to put tutorials and writings from my creative side. Just as a way to showcase my creativity.


Treating this like an online portfolio. So this is highly curated work.

Projects currently 

Everything I have in the works

Superboy Chronicles

I want this to be an anime cartoon one day. I almost have all the concept art ready to go. Then I can figure out how in the world I am going to try to pitch this.

Superman Webtoon

I want to make motivational post on social media with a cartoon version of myself, as well as short little comic strips.

Finally found an artist that fits my style. Eventually would like to make this into a children’s book or something.


This was an idea I got from a The Killers song. Three years ago I made a design and a Shopify account to try and sell t-shirts. I didnt sell anything so I shut it down. Thinking of starting it back up again to promote the “vagabond-always on the road-wanderlust” Mentality.

Funko Pops

The custom funko pops I made are neat. People have asked if I sell them. I don’t. I think I might make five and give them away. Just to people to show appreciation towards. And then maybe put One or two up at a Time in the shop to see if they sell or not.

Behind the Mic podcast segment

I want to make this a way to spotlight other creatives and give them a chance to tell their stories.

Superman Webtoon

In the ever increasing effort to expand my brand. I decided to start branching out to find an artist to illustrate a webtoon type format for social media. Either in panel form or one offs of motivational quotes or what not. I put out a tweet asking and ONE person DM me. He sent me samples of his work and they were awesome. I told him what I was trying to do so he sent some ideas.

Initial three ideas.

Initial three ideas.

I liked the middle one the best, so he sent more ideas from the middle design.

poses from the middle idea.

poses from the middle idea.

And these are awesome, so we went this route. I told him an idea for a motivational quote type post. It came out really awesome honestly. Pretty excited to start coming up with little comic strips and motivational post as. a webtoon.

Inner Peace

Inner Peace


Sitting in a hotel room with my dad. waiting for my little brother to get here, because tomorrow is my sisters wedding. Been realizing a lot on this trip to California. mostly that I am gonna have to set up a base next year. an also not to be scared to try and be stable. ( I have an issue with stability). But realizing I need to go after what I want without hesitation. Also, I learned who owns TikTok. and I have to keep an eye out for when that becomes traded publicly. So that is awesome. But mainly it all comes down to… Im still scared of failing. Because this is what I want to try and do with my life. travel and be superman and do reactions and art and take pictures and drink beer and be silly and just get paid to be me. I am scared that that won’t come to past. Although ill never know if I don’t try. and I also feel I have my foot half in the doorway instead of going all in. which is why I would rather van life than commit to a place. because I know it will be hard work. and its time I realize that its work I need to put in.

In n Out

I am out in California visiting my sister (she’s getting married in a couple days) we went to In n out because I was craving it, and there are none of those chains in Montana. After we finished eating and started walking to the car, a man in his car pulled up and said (I really love your photography, I follow you on twitter). that legit threw me off because it was just so random. Like I legit went to visit Los Angeles, a place I haven’t even took a photograph in my superman suit yet. but because of the power of the internet and being consistent, someone out there recognized me. It reaffirms that im on the right track.