Time to Buckle Down

I have a bad habit of rushing things. If anything being in this hotel room in a small town has taught me, its to take things slow. Honestly, there is a lot I need to get done, but I have been slacking because I know when I do those things I'll have to keep moving forward. And that is actual work. For example, I need to get on Amazon an order a photo studio set up for this hotel room. I haven't yet because once I know that it's here, I'll have to put in the time and effort to use it. And that's gonna be work. I enjoy taking photos of course, but it's just something about "getting things done" that always gets me. It's super bright out here too, and just coming from Seattle, the shooting conditions for outside have drastically changed. Meaning I have to sweat and get used to being in the suit in the hot sun. As well as learning to shoot in direct sunlight. All skills I need to learn. But have just been putting off. It's time to shake the laziness away and get at it.