7 year goal list

I have been thinking a lot about patience and discipline this week. Today I decided to make a goal list of everything i want to happen in the next 7 years. no specific time limit in between, just during. I did this because i want so much stuff to happen in the short term that i am not really enjoying the process of attaining what i want. And that makes everything that i am doing seem like a chore, and I dont want doing what I love to be like a chore. So 7 years, long enough to attain and not be smothered and short enough to still be on the younger side of life. After I made the list i felt a huge pressure come off my shoulders. Because now i can give myself time. Dont get me wrong, what i want is alot and its going to be alot of work. But i wont have unrealistic expectations of what I want. And it will allow me to calm down and do things one at a time more often, because i will not be trying to cram in a bunch of things in a year, only to give up mentally once i realize its ridiculous what i am really asking for in the amount of time i want it in. So Here is the beginning to a new work ethic for me. its gonna be hard, its gonna force me to not have "fear of missing out" and its gonna require me to put my head down and work. Constantly. But i am ok with that, because i know what i want. And now have a clearer understanding of how to get there.