Todays Hustle

After work today i decided to update my linkedin. Ive always found it a little embarrassing  to lay out every job ive worked. But im learning to get over that. Also finally started making a folder of all my superman pictures from other photographers so i can start showcasing them more. also started a deviant art and imgur account so i can post on those. which that was something i should have done along time ago. So now i gotta play catch up and upload a ton of photos to there. also need to upload whole series to behance that other photographers have shot me. uhmmm what else. I started doing research to figure out RSS feeds for podcast so I dont have to use anchor. Anchor is easy, but for my flash briefing skill it is not easy. because anchor still has that annoying message at the end. and it also plays more than one briefing at a time. Ill figure it out eventually. about to hit the gym now.

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