Determination and Motivation

Determination πŸ”„ Motivation. 

I believe motivation is extremely temporary. And for most (including myself) is a fleeting feeling. A lot of stuff can motivate you when it hits your heart strings just right. Motivation can change your mood and give you a sense of fearlessness. But how do you keep that motivation alive? Determination. Motivation is the spark and determination is the fan that turns that spark into a raging fire. Determination is the mindset that no matter what changes, you will find a way. Determination says β€œI don’t care if I’m not making progress now, I know what I’m doing will pay off.” But alas, hard work is exactly that. Hard work. And when you are getting burnt out from working hard and need a pick-me-up. Revisit that motivation, and start the process all over again ⚑️

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