Time to Buckle Down

I have a bad habit of rushing things. If anything being in this hotel room in a small town has taught me, its to take things slow. Honestly, there is a lot I need to get done, but I have been slacking because I know when I do those things I'll have to keep moving forward. And that is actual work. For example, I need to get on Amazon an order a photo studio set up for this hotel room. I haven't yet because once I know that it's here, I'll have to put in the time and effort to use it. And that's gonna be work. I enjoy taking photos of course, but it's just something about "getting things done" that always gets me. It's super bright out here too, and just coming from Seattle, the shooting conditions for outside have drastically changed. Meaning I have to sweat and get used to being in the suit in the hot sun. As well as learning to shoot in direct sunlight. All skills I need to learn. But have just been putting off. It's time to shake the laziness away and get at it.

Switching Funko Heads

My process for making my Custom Superman Funko Pop.

First i had to hunt down and find a Kilmonger and some Superman Funko Toys. After that I had to get hot water to dip the heads in to soften the glue. So Starbucks was my best bet.

Switch funko heads

after that i Took the heads of and put the Kilmonger one on. Now all the Marvel or most of the Marvel are Bobble heads. So the actual hole for the shaft in the neck isnt going to be the same as all the other ones. So currenlt the head is resting and balancing on the bodies til i figure a way to secure them more.

Swap funko heads
swapping funko heads

7 year goal list

I have been thinking a lot about patience and discipline this week. Today I decided to make a goal list of everything i want to happen in the next 7 years. no specific time limit in between, just during. I did this because i want so much stuff to happen in the short term that i am not really enjoying the process of attaining what i want. And that makes everything that i am doing seem like a chore, and I dont want doing what I love to be like a chore. So 7 years, long enough to attain and not be smothered and short enough to still be on the younger side of life. After I made the list i felt a huge pressure come off my shoulders. Because now i can give myself time. Dont get me wrong, what i want is alot and its going to be alot of work. But i wont have unrealistic expectations of what I want. And it will allow me to calm down and do things one at a time more often, because i will not be trying to cram in a bunch of things in a year, only to give up mentally once i realize its ridiculous what i am really asking for in the amount of time i want it in. So Here is the beginning to a new work ethic for me. its gonna be hard, its gonna force me to not have "fear of missing out" and its gonna require me to put my head down and work. Constantly. But i am ok with that, because i know what i want. And now have a clearer understanding of how to get there.


Decided I don't wanna wait until fall to get a place. that is just me trying to wait till everything is perfect. But in reality I'm still scared. So i just need to get over that.

Todays Hustle

After work today i decided to update my linkedin. Ive always found it a little embarrassing  to lay out every job ive worked. But im learning to get over that. Also finally started making a folder of all my superman pictures from other photographers so i can start showcasing them more. also started a deviant art and imgur account so i can post on those. which that was something i should have done along time ago. So now i gotta play catch up and upload a ton of photos to there. also need to upload whole series to behance that other photographers have shot me. uhmmm what else. I started doing research to figure out RSS feeds for podcast so I dont have to use anchor. Anchor is easy, but for my flash briefing skill it is not easy. because anchor still has that annoying message at the end. and it also plays more than one briefing at a time. Ill figure it out eventually. about to hit the gym now.

Ignite Seattle Talk

The story of why I quit my career job to parade around Seattle in a Superman suit sharing a message of hope. Ignite Seattle #36 happened Thurs. May 17, 2018 at the Egyptian Theater in Seattle, WA. https://igniteseattle.com/


i always told myself " i can't draw for crap" but now i wanna learn how to draw. so i need to change that narrative for real.


Well today was a good day. This month I had a goal to get a new job by the end of the month. And made myself apply and look for a job every day. The first interview I had i got the job! and that was today. So I am really happy I made myself do that. Now I just have to put in my two weeks at Pacific Regent tomorrow. Which is gonna be hard because they have no idea this is coming. And I get along great with everyone.


today wasnt the best day. but also was a good day. I learned that nobody really cares about what im doing the most besides me. and thats fine, i just have to find the people that "get"what im doing.

The Space Traveller

An ongoing series on finding Love and Meaning on Earth

space traveller desert.jpg

You know, when you walked away, I thought it was the end

You know, like in a movie?

It’s a really bad movie

So I started my journey hoping to find you.

But you know, the more I search

The more I realize that there are things better than your love

So I’m just a space traveller now.